Disadvantages Of A Quarter Car Model

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WHEEL SLIP DYNAMICS Quarter car model
The consideration of a quarter car model can clearly explained the problem of wheel slippage as shown in the fig.5. This quarter car model consists of mass m which is connected by a wheel. The mass m is steered by the inertia with a velocity v, as a result the wheel starts rotating. A friction force fx is generated between the wheel and the road surface. An angular velocity ω is caused by wheel rotation, which is generated by the torque. A negative angular acceleration is developed, when the brake is pressed in opposition to the wheel rotation.

Fig.5 Quarter car forces and torques

The equation of quarter car forces are:

mv=-F_x (1) Jw=rF_x-T_b sign(ω) (2)


m = mass of the quarter vehicle v = velocity of the vehicle ω = angular velocity of the wheel F_z = vertical force F_x = friction force T_b = brake torque r = wheel radius
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By helping the drivers to keep the steering ability in some critical conditions, the Anti-lock braking system has been proved to save lives. ABS provide the minimum stopping distances and effective steering than a non-ABS vehicle.

Lower insurance costs
ABS has lower insurance cost because, it is extremely tested safety automotive device with a high efficiency. Insurance companies are offering some special discounts for the customers who has the Anti-lock braking system equipped vehicles

Higher resale value
Nowadays the ABS become standard on many vehicles, the market value will be raised by the Anti-lock braking as it has the efficient track records. If a car or truck is equipped with ABS has a higher resale value. If not having an ABS in vehicle, results in lower resale

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