Sectional Garage Door Essay

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Sectional Garage Door

Home owners are now considering the garage door as an important element in the overall façade of the house. Not only should a garage door be functional, it also has to look good.

There are many garage door options available. In choosing the one for your garage, you will need to consider durability, design, maintenance and cost. A popular choice among home owners is the sectional garage door.

What is a Sectional Garage Door?

Sectional garage doors consist of large, separate panels, which are positioned parallel to the ceiling. They open vertically going up, suspended just under the ceiling. This type of garage door is typically composed of up to eight sections hinged together and held in position by brackets. This mechanism allows the door to slide up and down.

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This is because sectional doors can be easily fitted into any opening. Also, they typically don’t take up too much vertical space when opened. The doors don’t swing out when opened. Instead, they slide and curve upwards above the opening and into the ceiling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Sectional Garage Door

Sectional doors are considered the best option for driveways with limited spaces. You don’t have to move your car away from the garage when opening the door, as what happens when you have an up-and-over type of garage door. This means you can park your vehicle close while waiting for the garage door to open. When opened, sectional doors provide access to the entire drive-through height and width, which make them great options for garage owners with large vehicles.

This type of garage door also offers flexibility in terms of materials used. You can choose materials that provide the functionality you need. For instance, if you want ventilation in the garage, you can opt for panels with vents. If you prefer additional lighting, panels made of glass can be a good

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