Disadvantages Of Antibiotic Epidemies

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Antibiotic Epidemic By Jim Andrews - Complete Review Hey friend and welcome! Below you'll find our complete review of "Antibiotic Epidemic: How to Fight Superbugs and Emerging Bacteria with Miracles from Mother Earth" by Jim Andrews. As always, we will begin with an overview of the Antibiotic Epidemic guide, continue with explanations regarding its main advantages and disadvantages, and in the final section sum up everything that we feel can help you decide if Jim Andrews' book is really the right choice for you. Should you have any additional question about the Antibiotic Epidemic guide, do not hesitate to contact us and we'll try to help… Now, let's start :) Thanks to modern technology, you're ingesting antibiotics every time you eat or drink just about anything…show more content…
Well, according to Jim Andrews, a reporter and medical researcher, the answer is quite simple: you should start using natural alternatives to drug resistant bacteria, and the good news is that almost everything you need to stay well and healthy is right in your own kitchen cupboard. Jim believes that antibiotics may not be the answer, and in fact, he claims that they may be the culprit of the entire scenario. As a result, in his Antibiotic Epidemic guide, Jim describes different natural remedies that don't even require a prescription, and teach you how to be in charge of what you take, how much and how often. The idea of the Antibiotic Epidemic guide is quite simple: You use the products that you already have on hand in your kitchen and design your own remedy for your specific condition. A sore throat? Take this remedy, upset stomach? Take that one,

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