Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

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Since the beginning of mankind, humans have struggled. Slowly, throughout time we have developed new methods, ideas, and mechanisms to make our constantly changing lives easier. However, as we advance in society, controversies start up on the right and wrongs of how our mechanics or robots develop, specifically Artificial Intelligence robots. Artificial intelligence is the ability to understand how to control motion and responses based upon experience. Artificial intelligence in robots are based on human traits such as reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, communication, perception, and movement and manipulation of objects.As of now, our regularly distributed robots are not intelligent. We do have Applied AI. However, Applied AI, or…show more content…
However, it is possible that the development of AI may also create new jobs. These machines will still need people to design them, improve them, and maintenance them. These machines may also require partial human assembly, and will still require the materials actually used to build these machines, requiring more mine operators. So yes, jobs may be taken from humans and replaced with AIs, there will be new jobs created for the operation, creation, and reinvention of these machines. Luka Ray 2Robotics and many more previous mechanisms have done great deeds for humanity. From providing us with faster transportation, giving us entertainment, keeping us safe, even as far as doing life saving operations more accurately and efficiently than human hands. AI can only increase this chance at help for humanity. Artificial intelligence is not only used in the hospital, it is also used in laboratories, war fields, farming, security, cleaning and delivery in public and personal areas, even in our own hands. Artificial Intelligence is put in the place where most humans would not be able to survive. Every day lives are saved by the precise measurements of a surgical operation to which human hands could not achieve in such accuracy. Now then, machines are not perfect, machines are created by
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