Disadvantages Of Assistive Technology

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Assistive technology which is also called as adaptive technology is a team of individuals who make deices for people with disabilities. It is also used to maintain and increase the abilities of individuals with disabilities. It performs things that were almost unable to accomplish by providing changing methods. A very important point to note is that assistive technology is not computer programming or only electronic devices. Many off us think of computers and electronic devices whenever technology is framed. It is not necessary that assistive technology have to be high-tech but it should serve the basic need that is assistance. This technology can include anything from a simple stick that one uses to reach his destination. It also includes…show more content…
- Artificial limbs are placed to replace the natural limbs. - Allows the disabled person to play the sport of their choice in their free time. - Helps in improved access to print materials like Braille devices. Now with so many choices we are in a dilemma to choose the correct Assistive technology. Choosing it is most important part as it includes all the further steps which would depend on the type of technology used. There is a team that is trained to match particular technology to meet the specific needs so a person to function more independently. This team includes number of people that consist of doctors and teachers, engineers and specialists and other consulting representatives from companies that work on the assistive technology products. This team provides you guidance and helps to select the correct type of technology. There would be one question that would arise is who pays for assistive technology. There are many answers to this question. It depends on the type of technology used and its usage. The primary step that should be taken is what kind of assistive technology is required. Then work on the usage of the product. The following would answer to who pays or assistive
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