Disadvantages Of Athletic Training

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The era of athletic training began in the United States in the year of 1881. At that time the term "Athletic trainer" referred to a professional who took care of athletes. Athletic trainers helped the athletes to recover from injuries such that they can contribute more to the game; athletic trainers are not only helpful after the injury as they also help the athletes to prevent them from any injuries or disabilities. Since in today’s world every sport is getting tougher and tougher it is very necessary to have a good athletic trainer in your team so that any injury occurred can be taken care of. There is also an association named as the National Athletic Trainer's Association for improving the services rendered by Athletic Trainers.
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Kinesiology mainly concentrates on muscles, actions their origins, and insertions.

• Nutrition- Nutrition is a course which mainly puts emphasizes on basic nutritional concepts and principles, their application to personal health and relationship between food and its use by the human body for regulation, energy, structure, and good health. Discussion of problems in nutrition during different stages of the life cycle and specific chronic diseases will be addressed.

• Therapeutic Modalities- Therapeutic Modalities is a course which looks into the background of clinical application of therapeutic modalities in training of athletes. Students will need to understand the theories, physiological effects, safety measures, precautions and contraindications of different therapeutic modalities used in the treatment of orthopedic injuries.

• Acute Care of Injury and Illness- Acute care of injury and illness is a particular course which mainly puts emphasize on the techniques are adopted in times of emergencies such as sudden illness due to participation in a particular sport.

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