Disadvantages Of Bank Aljazira Bank

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1. Sadad:A world of flexibility and comfort with SADAD’s special services. It is the first step to making the preferred payment selections as digital, sophisticated. Bank AlJazira presents to clients a diversity of SADAD services. Its benefits are flexibility and safety for shopping and purchasing online without the need to own a credit card. Also, for paying bills or government fees fast and professionally through the SADAD system.

2. Mada: It’s a new period of electronic payment services in the Kingdom–Introducing the mada electronic payment service. This service will get new levels of accessibility and services for your daily shopping. Starting with purchasing merchandiseto buying giftsyour family, friends, your shopping experience will
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AlJazira offers all investment and banking service or business in follow with Shariah rules.

 The main types of loans.
The financing in AlJazira bank divided into seven types, which are:
1. Qard Hasan Loans Program: This loan is a private loan because there is no cost for the customers while take it , this help small company and people to build their vision and future

2. Training and Rehabilitation for Business Market Program: These loans is a social and charity program, this program aim to training youth of KSA and prepare them for the labour market and face the challenges in life and work.

3. People with Special Needs Program: This program is special program for our brothers of both genders who have special needs, this program aim to training them the necessary skills and abilities to overcome their special needs and open the way for them to communicate with outside life and people.

4. Educational and Cultural Programs, and Social Participation: These programs named “KhairAljazira le AhlAljazira” program , this program play a good role in society because the goal is make a charity work and social solidarity for example computer factories and economic
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