Disadvantages Of Big Data

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‘Big Data’ is the new buzzword recently discussed highly in industry, academia and research as it was generated profusely due to the technology revolution caused by Internet of Things (IoT).Knowledge Management being a strategic process carried out in industry with great focus was seriously impacted by the Big Data and its analytics as they were interchangeability used in various context relating to Information and Knowledge Management. The reason is none other than the significance of Data in the KM system, as a tool that link people, technology and processes. As the Data increased in its size, speed, variety, complexity and variability it became “Big Data”. This study actually tries to explain the key components of KM in organizations and the characteristics of Big Data and their mutual impact.
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Several explanations were given about the buzzword “Big Data”. Big Data describes a process in which “serious computing power” is applied to “seriously massive and often highly complex sets of information” (Microsoft Research, 2013). Big data is also defined as a cultural, technological, and scholarly phenomenon” based on three elements such as Technology, Analysis and Mythology (Boyd and Crawford, 2012). The first reason behind the quick expansion of Big Data is the extensive degree to which data are created, shared and utilized across the organizations and virtual networks formally and informally in the recent times. Digitization, that is, the transformation of analogue signals into digital ones, reached massive popularity in the early 1990s. The data-information-knowledge-wisdom hierarchy offers an alternative view, according to which information appears as data that are structured in a way to be useful and relevant to a specific purpose (Rowley,
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