Disadvantages Of Career Counseling

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All the above-mentioned assessment and inventories can be very beneficial to those who don’t have an exact or clear-cut view of themselves or their future career. I especially feel they could be useful to high school seniors in their decision of whether they want to attend a four year college, two year college, technical training program or go right into the workforce. At this very young age most will not know what they want to do for the rest of their lives and many may not realize they may change careers more than a few times. These tests, in combination with an aptitude test, may help individuals to also find areas in which they are naturally and intrinsically skilled in order to assist them in making a realistic career choice. Career…show more content…
Previously I did not have a firm grasp and understanding of my resulting percentages that related to the RIASEC scores of Holland’s personality and traits assessment. However, I have gravitated to career areas as suggested by my score automatically in my lifetime. This, I feel, suggests the validity of the U.S. Dept. of Labor interest inventory. This inventory presented some careers that, if I were of a younger age, I may consider. A third theory I feel relates well to my personal preparation and construction of a career plan in relation to the CDMSE assessment is the person-in environment perspective. I can clearly see a correlation between my upbringing, culture, religion, social system in which I was raised and education experiences (Zucker, 2016). Being middle aged allows me the benefit or advantage of being able to look back over the years as an adult and visualize all the ways in which I have indeed been influenced. With this knowledge, I have just been able to choose my environment to a large degree. Additionally, I have learned to empower myself by contemplating life, events and career decisions based on William Glasser’s Choice Theory approach. This was not a theory we discussed in class however, I feel it may have a place in the career counseling session on some level. With continued developing confidence, ability to learn new skills and self-motivation, as evidenced by the CDMSE, I have realized that in life you get out of it what you put into it.
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