Disadvantages Of Celebrities

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In society, people take at least one role. Teenagers take a position as a student, a son or a daughter, and adults take a position as a worker, a parent, and so on. Taking a position as a worker in society is critical. There are various types of careers such as specialized jobs, manufacturing jobs, office jobs, sales jobs, or self-employed. When people choose a job among various choices, they consider diverse aspects such as income, prospect of future, interest, or working environment. It is hard to find a job that can fulfill everything what a worker wants. Every job has its advantages and disadvantages. People decide their career based on the comparison between advantages and disadvantages. Among various jobs, in modern days,
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Such comments are not related to their job performance, people simply talk about them without much though. They support that if the one wants to gain fame then the one must deal with consequential results. Sometimes some actors might be good at negative comments, which follow their fame, on them. According to a news website, Jimmy Kimmel’s mean Tweets, which allows celebrities to read out loud mean tweets about them by public in funny ways, shows that celebrities are good at dealing with negative comments (Samotin, 2016). However sometimes, simple words by public can kill others. In such cases, harsh judgment cause popular actor under a lot of psychological stress. That can cause serious damage to the actor. For example, Choi Jin-sil, who was a famous actress in South Korea, committed suicide. She was under a lot stress due to negative comments about her divorce and rumor with her friend who also committed suicide (Choi, 2008). All over the media talked about her private life such as divorce and people considered the rumor with her friend is true without searching for factual evidences. This shows that reckless and un-thoughtful comments can severe damage to somebody. Negative comments always follow popular
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