Disadvantages Of Collective Leadership

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Collective leadership
Date of submission: 29/09/2017 Table of contents

Introduction 3
An overview of collective leadership. 4
Characteristics necessary to build collective leadership within an organisation. 5
Why I support collective leadership. 6
Disadvantages of collective leadership. 6
Collective leadership’s effect on student achievement. 6
The relevance/use of collective leadership in South African schools. 7
Conclusion 8
Bibliography 9 Introduction

Collective leadership is a recent concept of leadership where individuals are given authority in their own work areas of an organisation which empowers them. Collective leadership is opposite to the well-known system in which members of an organisation or society are ranked according to relative status or authority: As effective
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One major disadvantage of collective leadership is that the decision making can be a slow and time intensive process. It is also a risk if you are working with sensitive materials because, there are so many people involved from an early stage.

Collective leadership’s effect on student achievement.

“Collective leadership has modest but significant effects on student achievement.”

Collective leadership’s influence on students is mainly related to the teacher’s work setting and motivation, however, it has a weaker effect on a teacher’s capacity.

The “Investigating the link to improved student learning Final report of research findings” reported that transformational leadership practiced on student achievement had a weaker effect as to the effect of collective leadership. It is more beneficial to students if leadership is widely spread in a school.

The relevance/use of collective leadership in South African schools.

“Fundamental to distributed leadership is the belief that all teachers have the right and potential to participate in decisions that effect’s their
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