Disadvantages Of College Students

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"College students possess characteristics that change as they progress through their years at a university. Discovering emotions, feelings, independence, and achievement are part of a college student's transition and exploration in establishing identity and developing characteristics." (De Larrosa, 2000)
More first generation college students enroll in state universities and colleges since most parents choose to send their children to public and/or state universities and colleges (SUCs). Common reasons include quality education considering lower tuition fees assisting financial difficulties and the like.
First generation college students or whose parents have no college experience or neither of whose parents have
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There are methods which students can use depending on how they learn and cope up with change. “If there is no substitute for adjusting methods, stress is increased."
Stress may often times being discussed in a negative point of view, but it is not necessarily bad (Robbins and Coulter). It is normal and common to most people. "Good stress is beneficial to our body and health, and good stress-handling methods can increase motivation and improvement."
The inability to adjust with issues relating academic problems or frustrations such as those that comes from test scores, expectations from teachers, family and friends, even with self leads to unhappy and problematic phenomena affecting the body and mind. (Chen et al.)
Experiencing too much stress may pose problems and discomfort causing serious effects on people. Senior High School students who are used to their secondary school environment enter a new one once they go to universities. It is often accompanied by stress with college entrance exams and more challenging school requirements. Most students will have to leave home thus they have to readjust and familiarize to their new environment. With this in mind, educators may find new ways to tackle problems in academic context among students to help them with their sound
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