Disadvantages Of Cooperative Learning

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1. INTRODUCTION The main aim of this essay is to analyse the different aspects of incorporation of cooperative learning (CL) or group work (GW) in an academic environment, specifically within an economic classroom. Furthermore, the contextualisation and definition of cooperative learning will be evaluated in order to speculate whether cooperative learning in a tertiary education institution’s economic department is beneficial or detrimental to the working, personal and studying ability of students. Included in this evaluation will be notable examples of CL or GW conducted by university students and the effects thereof. However, due to logical reasoning in which more can be achieved if people work towards a common goal, one could deduce that CL will have a beneficial effect on the working and studying ability of students, including within in economic context. 2. CONTEXTUALISATION AND DEFINITIONS According to Shimazoe and Aldrich…show more content…
Some members might not contribute to the task at hand which as a result causes conflict amongst other members. Shimazoe and Aldrich (2010:52-57) claim that poorly performing students often exploit their peers through group work, and upon their analysis, the marks poorly performing students achieve from group work are much higher than that of their individual marks. Student also sometimes lack the social skills needed for a successful group assignment to be completed. Working in a group may result in an inability to focus on the task at hand, as there is no presence of a lecturer or leader therefore students feel free to do as they will. Furthermore, as stated by Shimazoe and Aldrich (2010:52-57), when groups cannot function due to hostility amongst the members or members acting uncooperatively, the instructor might for example remove students or dissolve the group as

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