Disadvantages Of Cosplayers

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Cosplay has the ability to transform cosplayers into their heroes, whoever they are. But things haven’t always been that ideal. Unfortunately, body shaming and bullying and abusing are very real and prominent issues for cosplayers at conventions. The sting of negative comments can carry over into regular life for some and even lead to anxiety or depression (Arielle Lien and psychologist Dr. Beth Murphy).
Katie Mellema (Fig.22) an experienced cosplayer, shared some insight into this issue in an article on Cosplayers vs. the World: Social Issues (Volume I) by Jade Chambers (2013). Fig.22 Cosplay Photo of Katie
She recalls “I remember going to the mall with a friend and walking past a cosplayer in Lolita dress. I applauded her courage and sense of style while my
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As a result, fans or the audience forget that there are individuals inside those costumes. They are overwhelmed by the fact that their favourite character has come to life and end up crossing their limits. Sometimes audiences assume that cosplayers are dressed up in a provocative manner of because they are “asking for it”. This causes sexual and verbal harassment. Women have been groped, and men have been put down for not fitting or perfectly fitting a certain costume. Thus, certain organizers are trying to bring awareness to this issue by implementing anti-harassment policies. In New York’s Comic Con, attendees can see a large sign that says ‘Cosplay is not Consent’, and that everyone should be treated with respect. (2014)
Harrassment is not limited to just female cosplayers. Male cosplayer John of “Moderately Okay Cosplay” has been groped multiple times while dressed as anime and video game characters. “It didn’t really affect me much. It surprised me more than anything, like a ‘Did that just happen?’ type of thing,” he said.
Fig.24 Cosplay is not consent
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