Disadvantages Of Criminal Profiling

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Criminal profiling also known as offender profiling is an investigative tool used to create a psychological portrait of suspects and determine the location of a suspect through their behavior and personality. Offender profiling is used when the suspect’s identity is unknown on cases dealing with serious crimes such as murder, sexual assault, kidnappings, etc. There are two main directions of criminal profiling, the first is is the profiling of a criminals personal characteristics and the second is geographical profiling. Profiling of a criminal’s personal characteristics is used when they want to find out who the suspect is and what possessed them to commit the crime. Criminal profiling is centered around how the brain works and somewhat stereotyping suspects to find their location or who their next victim may be. Psychological studies have shown that the personality and other mental developments of the offender can lead them to make certain decisions when committing an offense. Criminal Profilers of today have endless amounts of resources available to them besides evidence from just the current crime, past cases, criminal studies, interaction with past criminals and personal experience In 1891 professor Lionel Haward stated that there are four ways to be professional when involved in criminal cases. The first was clinical, the psychologist can use assessment tools, interview or psychometric tool in order to help their case. The assessments can help interrogators
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