Disadvantages Of Crumple Zones

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Crumple Zones Crumple zones are a safety feature in many cars that can greatly reduce the impact of crashes. They are a feature that saves lives, and as humans advance in technology, crumple zones are improving to reduce the impact of crashes by even more. "Car Safety Pictures" 10 September 2008. 27 July 2017 Crumple zones reduce the force in a crash when they deform and crumple. This is a very effective way of reducing force because it redistributes the force of the crash around the car, as well as increasing the time taken for the car to come to a stop. When the car stops, the people inside continue travelling in the same direction as before the car stopped. People are injured when this happens when they come into contact with…show more content…
As well as other features, car crumple zones greatly improve the the safety of a vehicle. There are very few disadvantages to having a new and working car crumple zone. The disadvantages are: After a collision, the cost of repairs to the vehicle is greatly increased. Because crumple zones are so effective, often even minor crashes must be repaired. Crumple zones also have to be kept up to date because of road safety regulations. This is an extra expense, and also makes selling cars with old safety systems difficult. In conclusion, it is very advantageous to have a new and working crumple zone. Car crumple zones greatly reduce the force that reaches the occupant of the car by redistributing the force of the collision around the car, and increasing the time taken for the car to stop. Redistributed force means that less of the force of the impact makes it to the occupant of the vehicle, and increased time taken for the car to stop means that the force of the collision is actually lowered. All of this makes it less likely for people to be injured in crashes, so crumple zones make vehicles
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