Disadvantages Of Cyber Schools Essay

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Disadvantages of Cyber Schools Cyber schooling does have the newest technology, but nothing is better than getting a public school education. One of the biggest disadvantages of cyber schooling is that cyber schooled students lack social skills. Cyber schoolers can have discussions with their teacher online, but other than that they are staring at a computer with no one else to learn with. While public schooled students are learn in a real classroom with other students in the same grade level, making friends, and learning to socialize. This is one of the greatest skills to learn for after school in the workforce (Hart 2016.) Cyber schooled student miss out academically, not having contact learning in libraries, labs or outside. This could hurt them from learning as many skills as public schoolers (Hart 2016.) Technology is great when works. Sometimes the viruses can get in computers or the internet stops working. This hurt cyber schoolers who need to email a teacher, or turn in a paper. Cyber schooled students depend on technology for learning (Hart 2016.) Cyber schooled students are mostly on their own for learning. This does create responsibility. Nothing is pushing them to do their work. While in public schools, the teacher pushes the student to do their work and do it on time, which also creates responsibility to get it done so they do not get in trouble (Hart 2016.) Advantages of Cyber Schools Cyber schooling is one of the newest ways to learn at home and although
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