Disadvantages Of Data Analytics

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Abstract This group project gives a report on data analytics. It consists of definitions of data analytics. It also defines Business Intelligence and explains the difference between Business Intelligence and data analytics. It also examines benefits, challenges and the implementation challenges of data analytics. In addition this project Analyze the means of Data Analytics to provide a competitive advantage to businesses. Data Analytics This project is to give a report on Data Analytics but first, we have to know what data Analytics is. In doing so we will first break down the word Data Analytics and view them separately. According to www.businessdictionary.com data is information in raw or unorganized form (such as numbers)…show more content…
Manufacturers can improve their demand forecasting and supply planning by the improved use of their own data (Nedelcu, 2011). That is businesses can gather enough information on a timely basis to judge and predict market forces and changes thus improving profits. Production Big data are driving additional efficiency in the production process with the application of simulation techniques to the already large volume of data that production generates. The increasing deployment of the “Internet of Things” is also allowing manufacturers to use real-time data from sensors to track parts, monitor machinery, and guide actual operations (Nedelcu, 2011). This is decreasing the use of resources but increases the output of the company through the monitoring of resources e.g. machinery. This can reduces the amount of time energy and resources placed into making a product hence limiting the amount of expenses the company has to
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