Disadvantages Of Democracy

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If asked what democracy is, many would claim that it is a “government by the people”—a phrase popularized by Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address. However, in today’s society, there are three prominent theories—pluralism, elitism, and hyperpluralism— that attempt to explain who exactly has the power and influence in the United States of America. Each theory is centralized based on their own ideals and conclusions about who truly governs the nation. Our democracy has components of each of these political theories; each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. The three contemporary theories of American democracy: pluralism, elitism, and hyperpluralism provide more context for how policies and laws are actually created as opposed to…show more content…
It takes into consideration the components of pluralism and elitism. Hyperpluralism is defined as the idea that competing interests groups have gotten too powerful—making it impossible to accomplishing anything. This can result to muddled policy and policy gridlock due to the fact that some politicians will try to placate every group. Hyperpluralists assert that groups are the sovereign with the government their mere servant as powerful groups let their money and power do the talking. In this theory, average citizens are able to take part in policymaking by joining interest groups like in pluralism. However, it is taken to another level in this theory as interest groups that lose policymaking battles in Congress carry their agenda to the court. These groups and their members take advantage of the court system to get what they want and to bend policies to suit their own purposes. On the other hand, the Framers would not have expected for interest groups to gain that much power over the government, let alone use the judicial system for their own purposes. At that time, the Framers probably looked down on average citizens as they were illiterate, though I think that they would have been tolerant of groups whose members were wealthy and white. It would have been harder for interest groups to make use of the judicial system as well because judicial review is not specifically written in the
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