Disadvantages Of Dental Veneers

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 Veneers Each one of us is seeking for an attractive perfect smile which can be obtained by several procedures one of them is veneers, which most of people call it “Hollywood smile”. Dental veneer is a thin layer of ceramic material placed over a tooth, either for protection to compensate damage, or for whitening. The procedure goes as the following, if a specific tooth is discolored, damaged or chipped. One layer of the enamel is taken off, and a ceramic material veneer such as porcelain is placed over the tooth. The patients get to choose color, size and shape of the veneer that they prefer. Veneers have different thicknesses that can be fitted to help them appear straighter which varies from one person to another depending on the case. In addition to veneers have over…show more content…
(£400 to £1,000 per tooth)  Has a lifespan of 10 years.  Expert home bleaching Bleaching is the simplest and most stable treatment in aesthetic dentistry; it was first introduced in the year 1989. Clinical studies have shown that a brighter smile can be obtained by using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) of 10% concentration repeatedly over a period of time which varies from several days to weeks to obtain satisfying results depending on the discoloration of the teeth. At home bleaching is based on effective bleaching agents that are mainly made up of hydrogen peroxide since its known for its powerful oxidation property. An example of over the counter/at home bleaching kits is the use of hydrogen peroxide gel or paste that’s applied in a custom fitted tray that is placed over the teeth for a specific period of time. An alternative to tray based kits would be the whitening strips that are offered by different brands such as (crest) and many others, the idea behind strips is using a flexible polyethene strip that has a layer of hydrogen peroxide gel and then is fixed to the anterior of the teeth for approximately 30 minutes twice a day over a 14-day period. o Advantages

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