Disadvantages Of E-Business

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E-business is the short form of electronic business. E-business is the conducts of business which using internet to process. Electronic business, or e-business, is the use of the Internet to conduct business. This is a lucrative and highly profitable domain (Natasha Gilani, 2017). The process of e-business is include the buying and selling goods, supplies and services, process payments such as Maybank to you, servicing customers, control and managing the products, sharing information between one and other, recruiting, collaborating with your business partner, and running automated employee service. The industry's e-business adoption lags behind similar industries such as tours and travel (Article, 2013).
One of the major types of e-business
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It is a transaction which business sell their goods or service to the consumer. For example, consumer could do online reservation for the air ticket themselves by using the airline reservation system. For more instance, consumer could book their room through the hotel page nowadays. Next of the major types of e-business for hospitality industry is the Business-to-Business (B2B). Business-to-Business is the online business which selling the goods to the other business. This type of e-business is for the aim of conducting commerce or business between one companies with another company as they exchange the electronic documents in purchasing the goods and service. Companies which using B2B E-commerce could improve the relationship and communications among the other companies. Companies which using Business-to-business are incline to be high volume and not focus on small transaction result. Example for Business-to-Business in hospitality industry is the corporate customers, government, company trips, Event Company, or wedding planner plan to have a stay in the hotel or book the event room or banquet with huge number of member. Another example is a company reserve an airplane seat with a large number which go for a company trip.
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