Hum 186 Social Media Paper

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Social Media Paper
Jennifer Schaedler
University of Phoenix
August 28, 2017

Social Media Paper
Easily Obtainable Information
In the age of cutting edge technology such as the world in which we live, easily obtainable information has turned out to be a mainstay in society. The days of instant-gratification are upon us and waiting for any length of time since the advent of the Internet has become unacceptable in the technological arena. Because information is so easily available, this gives pause to security and privacy of personal identifiable information. With headlines screaming Identity Theft the disadvantages are clear. No longer can users post whatever they are thinking, doing, wearing, etc. without the profound knowledge that each post is forever solidified forever on the World Wide Web for anyone with an Internet connection to access. Those with less technological knowledge have yet to grasp this concept and this unfortunately has caused harm to their personal lives and professional careers, in some cases.
Advantages of Easily Obtainable Information
One point of preference of adequately realistic data is practicality. It is advantageous for individuals to be in one place and catch the most blazing news, listen to the crisp top melodies on the announcement diagrams, watch and share the music recordings to those tunes, while in the meantime holding discussions through talk with various companions in a flash. It is simpler than perusing an entire
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