Disadvantages Of Electronic Learning

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The Advantages of Electronic Learning
Our world is developing tremendously these days. Technology plays a very vital role in this change. We cannot do without it. Technology has invaded the field of learning. As a result students, parents, teachers and schools need technology to improve the learning process. Electronic learning is one of the examples of applying technology in the field of learning. It is very useful to students. Also, it is very helpful to parents. Teachers try to make use of electronic learning to help their students. In this essay, I will discuss thevarious advantages of electronic learning to students, parents, and teachers.
Electronic learning has many advantages to students. It is interesting and attractive. Since students are fascinated by technology, e-learning can help them do better. It is very convenient to them. By means of electronic learning, students can learn anywhere. They can learn at home, at school, at parks … etc. As
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He clarified this point saying“Studies have shown that gamification enhances learner engagement and improves retention. Thanks to the dozens of sophisticated learning tools available today, it is simpler to introduce gamification in the staff learning program. It is not just gamification. ELearning also helps with the use of personalized study materials and interactive formats. From the perspective of the employer, they may now reliably use learning tools to match competencies with the learning goals achieved by the employee. This is thus a much improved and scientific alternative to conventional learning methods.”Kumar focused on how gamification enhances learner engagement and improves memory. He believed that e-learning encourages students to get more engaged in the learning process. He thinks that students are more interested in technologies, so they favor e-learning on traditional learning. He also thinks that e-learning improves
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