Disadvantages Of Flexible Work

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According to Hernreich, 2008 flextime or flexible can made our work force more efficient and more focused while they are working. It is a step backward to go back to rock solid hours. As long as an employee is getting the job done, they should be treated like an adult. Research show that many adult workers like to work schedules that flexible other than work that just follow the schedules and cannot be tolerance. The flexible work is such as flextime, telework or compressed word weeks are example of increasing variation in the timing and duration of work hours and work location. According to Ellen Ernst Kossek etc. pal, flexible work schedules have four types such as flexibility in the timing of work, flexibility in the location or place of work,…show more content…
The flexibility in amount of work is relates to amount of lower workload or hours which also known as part-time work. This also be the cause of factor why employee currently interested to the job working schedule. For example the part-time work such as job sharing where two people shared a job and reduced-load, or customized work arrangements where an individual’s workload is reduced in return for less pay or hours. Not just that, the flexibility in amount of work also can reduce the stress on what are the employee has been responsible for it. Normally, an employee will be responsible for two or three things on the organisation so if the work is been sharing together and not all of the work is put on the head it can reduce the stress on the employee and next it will increase the employee health and mental.The flexibility in amount of work also can be able to help provide employers cover outside normal working hours and reduce the need for overtime. In addition, the job sharing responsibilities also can improve of equal opportunities to employees that are unable to work in the standard
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