Disadvantages Of Free Trade For Canada Essay

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Disadvantages of Free Trade for Canada: For every upside, there is a downside, and this certainly is the case for free trade in Canada. The successes listed above, also appeared in the United States and Mexico, which impacted our country. For every job that was created for them, some were lost elsewhere. Ontario, in result of jobs created elsewhere,:
Lost hundreds of thousands of good manufacturing jobs. Those jobs went to States in the U.S. where unions are made weak by legislation, and to Mexico where unions are made weak by free trade zones where union rights are virtually nonexistent. Formerly Canadian products can now be made in low wage states, where unions are virtually banned, and there are no inconvenient social protections like occupational health and safety rules, or public health care, quality education, or decent social assistance rates; and then these products can be sold back into Canada without tariffs or any kind of barriers.
Admittedly, during NAFTA 's first nine years, employment in Canada grew by over 19% but this period of Canadian job gains under NAFTA should be set against the prior, six-year period, of heavy job losses under CUFTA. Between CUFTA and NAFTA, from 1988 - 1994, Canada lost 334,000 manufacturing jobs, equivalent to 17% of total manufacturing employment in the year before CUFTA came into effect. In 2002, Canada was “marked by a superficially impressive increase of 560,000 jobs in Canada, but 40% of them were part-time and another 17%
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