Disadvantages Of Global Gentrification

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Ruth Glass (Britisch Sociologist) was the first one to use the term ‘gentrification’ over 50 years ago for the invasion of middle class people in previously disinvested inner city, working class neighborhoods in London, which renovated old properties and displaced working class communities (Lees, 2017). No one could think of this term expanding beyond London and even beyond the renovation of old properties. When just searching for ‘gentrification in the news’ on google, the page fills with results of almost every month a new article in various newspapers, mostly about the drawbacks of gentrification, with exemptions of one or two articles. In these articles gentrification is seen as the reason behind a lot of problems happening in cities; shortage of housing, rents that grow higher and even the end of honest cities, these problems have as common cause; inequality and exclusion.
One speaks about planetary gentrification or global gentrification, which is happening today. The key to this process is, (re)investment in the secondary circuit of capital, which is the built environment or real estate (Lees, 2017). What is important in the planetary gentrification is that in some parts of the
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The classic first wave gentrification, undertaken by ‘new’ middle class individuals is still happening in cities and rural areas, however it is less significant (Lees, 2017). Lees claims the dominant type of gentrification these days is new-build, and is state- or developer-led (2017). The type of gentrification has changed because of the sale of public land into gentrification. For example the state-led gentrification of large areas of public housing in London. However there are a lot of similarities between the large scale urban renewals, happening in for example Shanghai and Mumbai, and the ‘new’ urban renewal of public
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