Disadvantages Of Globalization In Africa

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GLOBALIZED WORLD: BENEFIT AND CHALLENGES IN AFRICA By CALEB IFECHUKWU UFONDU Introduction Globalization is multifaceted, affecting all features of life—cultural, economic, social, political and environmental—as well as the association between governments and countries of the five global continents. Globalization is described, in particular, by strengthen of cross-border trade and increased flow of foreign direct investment, promoted by massive rise of liberalization and advances in information technologies. Globalization can be seen as an evolution which is systematically rebuilding of interactive phases among countries by breaking down barriers in the areas of culture, commerce,…show more content…
As a result of the cultural suppression from outside that goes with globalization, African countries are vastly losing their cultural identity and therefore their capacity to interact with other cultures on an equal and autonomous level, borrowing from other cultures only those facet that meet its requirements and needs. 6. The scientific and technological forces vented by globalization have promoted the extinction of the indigenous or local development of technology and altering patterns of production in Africa. 7. Globalization on the whole blows negatively on the development and amalgamation of democratic governance. One form of this is the reduction of the ability of governments to take a decision and control events in their countries, and thus their culpability and responsiveness to their people, given the fact that the conditions, institutions and formations by which these decisions are taken are far from democratic. POSTIVE EFFECTS AND IMPACTS OF GLOBALIZATION ON AFRICA 1. Globalization has facilitated international trade and commerce, promoted direct foreign investment and the huge flow of capital while calling for greater accountability and openness of leaders to their citizens, globalization has often pressured African leaders to adopt policies and measures that are antipodal opposed to the feelings and sentiments of the larger majority of their
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