Disadvantages Of Gmo Foods

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GMO(genetically modified organism) is a kind of organism or microorganism whose genetic material has been produced by genetic engineering.The majority of people are using GMO foods for many years.Most of the people consider that GMO has more advantages than disadvantages.However, the disadvantages are more compared to advantages.So, how does GMO effect people's life and environment?What are the disadvantages of GMO foods?To answer these questions we should take a look at the reasons for avoiding to use GMO foods.GMO foods need to be avoided because of their negative impact on health and environment. Primarily, the reason why people shouldn't use GMO foods is its negative effect on health.It's a well- known fact that GMO has serious effects on people's health.For example, people who are…show more content…
As a result, GMO foods are poses to danger for Cancer, genetic diseases and also allergies.People should take precaution to avoid negative effects such as allergies, chronic diseases, cancer of GMO. Together with health issues, another major reason why people should avoid to use GMO foods is environmental effects of GMO foods.Today many scientists conflict with each other because of the GMO foods.Some of them claim that GMO has a just positive effect on the environment.They may have a point when they say GMO foods affect efficiency but it isn’t a big deal compare to its damage on the environment. The potential consequences of the general effects discussed above depend mainly on the transgenic trait of the GMO. Up to now, the main traits for GM crops are herbicide tolerance and pest resistance. Herbicide tolerance genes confer tolerance to broad-spectrum herbicides like glyphosate (Round-Up) or glufosinate (Basta). This trait represented 75% of all GM crops planted commercially in the year 2002. Possible trait-specific environmental effects, apart
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