Disadvantages Of Group Health Insurance

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Are you running an organization with an employee-centric nature and planning to have a Group Health Insurance?
Then you are making a right decision since Group Health Insurance will be a better choice. The best gift you can give to your employees to make their lives more secure and happier can be made possible through Group Health Insurance.
Have you still got any more doubts regarding Group Health Insurance? No worry! On the further continuation of this blog, you will be able to find the present criteria of health issues with the explanatory solution to overcome the unwanted situations.

Firstly let us know, What is Group Health Insurance?
Group health insurance is the Medical policy which is beneficial personally
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Drawbacks of Group Health Insurance:

The employer is eligible to claim the policy as far as he is a part of the organization or in relation to it.Once he is out of the organization, he does not have any access to the Group policy of the organization(but still employee can opt for the option of portability depending on the Insurance providers)
The Group Health Insurance is not customized according to the individual in the group
Renewal premium depends on claims availed in the expiring policy, increase in number of claims also results in the increase of rate of premium

For every context, there will be pros and cons. On evaluating the pros and cons of Group Health Insurance it is advisable to have a Group Health Insurance for a better development of the business in all streams.

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