Disadvantages Of Hand Based Biometrics

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Personal verification is the major concern because of its wide usage in many applications. Recently, hand based biometrics technology is being used in many applications and also involved the significant attention of the individual towards biometric system. Hand based biometric system presents many types of recognition by means of fingerprint, palmprint, hand geometry and hand vein. Biometrics is broadly classified and referred in two aspects for authenticating the individuals namely, • Physical and • Behavioral traits Each biometric technique contains its merits as well as demerits. So, no biometric method is known as the best and it is also employed for several applications. Biometric systems suggested many computerized techniques for individual verification and the recognition depending on the behavioral characteristics for example fingerprint or voice sample. However, this behavioral characteristic keeps on changing with time. In hand based biometrics, the requirement for the consistent system in user recognition and enhanced security is…show more content…
The LED light source and the CCD camera are set inside the box with the intention that containing an invariable value. The finger should be kept at constant in order that the limited FKP images from the same finger are consistent and also provides an efficient hand based recognition system. The main known mechanism for human verification depends upon hand geometry or hand based biometrics. The benefits of hand based biometrics are improved the acceptance level in order that the method was broadly employed. Amioy Kumar., et al., (2013) Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) with Fuzzy Binary Decision Tree (FBDT) was used to execute validation by means of finger knuckle images. However with the high disorders and poster variations, the confirmation was not verified to be
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