Disadvantages Of Hatha Yoga

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The term Hatha [ˈha-ta] originates from the Sanskrit word hatha. When broken into two syllables, ha (sun) and tha (moon) refers to physical yoga. The ‘ha’ refers to the hot energy of sun while the ‘tha’ refers to the cooling energy of the moon (Iyengar, 2012; Hutton, 2014). In Hatha yoga, Desikachar suggests that nadi are located throughout the body. Prana, also referred to as infinite energy, flows within these nadi or channels. Desikachar suggests that three nadi spiral around the spinal column. The ida nadi moves through the left nostril and pingala nadi enters the right nostril. Desikachar also states that the nadi meet at six points in the body referred to as chakras. Running along the vertical line of the spine, one chakra is located at the center of the eyebrows. The second chakra is at the throat and the third is at the center of the chest and just above the heart. The fourth chakra is present at the navel and the fifth at the base of the trunk. The last chakra originates at the base of the spine. Prana flows between these channels and may only do so when not blocked. Hatha Yoga derives its name from the practice in which the yogi works to unblock these channels so…show more content…
It will reach up to the heart, touching the throat. This is one of the eight types of pranayamas, described by Svatmarama, the author of Hathapradipika ( II:51-53). The chief characteristic of this pranayama is the audible hissing sound produced due to the partial closure of the glottis, during puraka as well as rechaka. The mode of breathing in ujjayi is slow and smooth. This is a tranquilizing pranayama. It also has a heating effect on the body. In this pranayama it is to be imagined that the breath is being drawn in and out through the throat. There is a snoring sound which is audible to the practitioner only (Saraswati, p. 402,403) (Yoga for Voice Improvement,

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