Disadvantages Of Head Up Display

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Head-Up Display Sanjit Sasidhar#1 # IC Department, Nirma University Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 116micc16@nirmauni.ac.in Abstract— This document gives a survey on the various researches that was conducted for head-up display technology and how it was utilized for various applications. The display shows information segments that are utilized by the user for better navigating the real life conditions. Keywords— Active safety, head movement tracking, first order optics, optomechanics, system design. I. INTRODUCTION There are various ways we can interpret how to observe and analyze what goes around us. Head up displays gives a technological advantage to combat real life, real time activities that can be monitored to give a better outlook of the scenario. The various hazards, safety concerns and animosity involved with the various activities that are undertaken by people can be reduced to a minimum if better detailed approach is obtained through such mediums. Extensive research and development has taken place to come up with a very optimized system for the head up display.…show more content…
The advantages of HUDs are shorter accommodation times for the driver, as the eyes don't have to focus to very close information like inside the cockpit. The driver can read quickly the information near his perspective resulting in an increased eyes-on-the-road time. Studies show a significant faster reaction on passengers and a very high user acceptance. However, also several disadvantages are assumed. Phenomena like cognitive capture are discussed what means a unknown shift of the driver's attention towards the HUD. Also perceptual tunneling what can result in a reduction of the peripheral visual field is discussed. Studies also mention distance over estimation. It is also difficult to reach a high optical contrast by the display what results in a high dependence on light
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