Disadvantages Of Herbal Medicine

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۩۩ In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful ۩۩
۞ Indeed, the righteous will drink from a cup “of wine” whose mixture is of Kafur ۞ (Surat Al-'Insān.. 5)
۞ And they will be given to drink a cup “of wine” whose mixture is of Ginger ۞ (Surat Al-'Insān.. 17)
‘Eat leeks in March and wild garlic in May, and all the year after the physicians may play’ (Traditional Welsh rhyme).
‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ (Traditional American rhyme).
Finding curative powers in plants is an ancient idea. People on all regions have long applied poultices of indigenous plants, dating back to prehistory (Cowan, 1999). Herbal medicines are in great demand in both developed and developing countries as a source of primary health care that has been used by mankind all over the world in the form of traditional medicines (Kumari et al., 2011). Herbal molecules are safe and would overcome the resistance produced by the pathogens as they exist in a combined form or in a collective form of more
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It is estimated that 35,000 to 70,000 species have, at one time or another, been used in some cultures for medicinal purposes. Herbal medicines have long earned reputation as the people's medicines because of their easy accessibility, low cost and the ease with which they can be prepared (Ghani, 2013). These medicines are cheaper, exhibit a remarkable efficacy in the treatment of various ailments and are much safer with least side effects as compared to allopathic medicines (Idu et al., 2007; Mann et al., 2008; Ammara et al., 2009). Herbal medicine is now gradually scorning a more mainstream method of treatment in many countries of the world because of improvements in the methods of analysis and quality control of herbs and herbal drugs along with advances in clinical research. Their efficacy and safety are continuously bringing light and value to herbal medicines in the prevention and treatment of
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