Homeopathy Pros And Cons

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Homeopathy is a form of alternative medication that has been increasing in popularity in today’s society. It is often substituted for conventional medication14. Homeopathy was created in the seventeen hundreds when German doctor Samuel Hahnemann concluded that if a substance can induce the symptoms of an illness in a healthy person, then it can treat those symptoms in an ill person. He first tested Cinchona bark, a treatment for malaria, on himself and said to have experienced the symptoms of malaria. He also concluded that the medicine was more effective in a lower concentration therefore he invented the process of succession to reduce the side effects of the medicine and to increase its ability to heal13.
1A common way in which Homeopathic medicine is made today is when plants or minerals are repeatedly diluted in alcohol or water. After this process the solution is added to lactose tablets. Recent research of the hydrogen bonds in homeopathic medication has apparently shown that this form of medication follows the ‘water memory theory’. The water memory theory states that water can
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On the one hand the advantages include: it is non-addictive, cheaper than conventional medicines and it is more easily available than conventional medication. It also does not stop the immune system from functioning.10 Medicine that inactivate the immune system cells is called an immunosuppressant. People use these medicines when they have acquired an autoimmune disease in which the immune system develops antibodies that match the antigens of a person’s somatic cells. The cortisone in these various medications act as anti-inflammatories and functions to suppress the immune system's response to protect the body’s cells. However, on the other hand the consequences are that homeopathic medication’s effectiveness is not scientifically proven and it can interact with other medication that the patient is
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