Disadvantages Of Ict In Education

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(Pernia, 2008) describes ICT as a technology used for communication that can help to create, manage and shared information. The researcher explain that the broad definition of ICT includes, computers, the internet, telephone, television, radio and audio-visual tools also further that any device and application that has been used as access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create and communicate information and knowledge is also an ICT. According to (ETS, 2002), the International Literacy Panel regards ICT as combining Information Technology (IT) and telecommunications. The panel further explains that IT is the electronic display, processing and storage of information, but not necessarily the transmission of the information. (Onunga and Shah, 2005)…show more content…
The leaders in education need to be informed to ICT possible benefits with the leader’s dangers and be active in lecturing them, from now ICT literacy development provides an appropriate venue for this. The development of an ICT addition model in schools is valuable for stakeholders in education to evaluate technology training for school leaders and create opportunities for principals to acquire ICT integration skills. (Selwood, 2003) said that when school leaders allow technology integration through vision and knowledge, schools can improve in instructional technology, which can lead to greater student achievement and better preparation for a technological society. (Bonifaz & Zucker, 2004) said that teaching students with laptops establishes a different environment than traditional classrooms and requires the teacher to have ICT knowledge and skills, effective ICT teaching strategies, effective classroom management as well as technical support. In a school setting, likewide (Cuban, 2001) said that ICT requires additional time and effort to utilize, and consequently may be used less frequently. (Abuzaid & Singh, 2008, Al-Jarf, 2007, Bauer & Kenton, 2005) said that this part introduces the conceptualized of ICT in education. (Fitzallen, 2004) said that attention is increasingly directed at the border of the questions merging
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