Disadvantages Of Internet Essay

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In the era of use of technology all are aware about the new technology, which are related to computer. Librarians are also using such technology to upgrade their library and library services. Librarians are using the social media and free software for their library. Without spending any single paisa they are using such technology in their library for providing efficient services to the user. Information Communication Technology has been one of the major factor causing changes in the field of Library Science. User can communicate, retrieve and used information in library or at from their home with a single click. In the age of technology every user needs information as early as possible and taking benefit of library or new technology to save the energy, time and money. In the era of technology everybody is getting different types of knowledge at a
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Advantages of Social Networking Site:
1. World wide connectivity: One can search the any person whom he or she can know. The faster way to make connection with such person is facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. These sites are most popular every one has the account in any of the site which are well known site to share the view with any one which you like. If you can use any one of this site you can search the people and make the friend with any one you like if he or she is ready they can accept your request and share the view he likes.
The librarian can share the view about the library service and academic performances with the students and teachers which they feel. Even the students also express their views about the library services and sometime students want any information the librarian can provide such information on any topic with the help of such social media. Sometimes due to fear students can not share their view on any topic face to face but through this media a students can share it with
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