Disadvantages Of Internships

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As children, we are young and naive; we dream of being princesses, magicians, dragon-slayers, and a plethora of other unobtainable job titles. Never having a care in the world, we carry on with our outlandish aspirations. All while adults encourage our lucid imaginations and flowing thoughts. At no time did they ever stop and consider how much of a hinderance this is. When we finally age and grow up, moving on into the real world, our preconceived notions of how life would be are vastly different from how things actually are. Now if you stop and think, what can we do to avoid this? Surely discouraging childhood innocence would be considered sacrilegious. But what if I told you there was another way, which doesn’t violate the basis of young naivety. Something that allows for older people to still allow children’s imaginations to sprout, while coaching them in the right direction when they finally become young adults. The simple answer to this problem: are internships. Internships are a universal tool that allow people an inside view of potential careers. They grant the general public the ability to observe and be familiarized with job settings and procedures which interest them. They are extremely versatile because they enable people to have assurance. If a person isn’t sure about being a doctor, having an internship at a hospital will give them a real life setting about what their job would be like if they were actually a doctor. Having an internship decreases the
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