Disadvantages Of Just In Time

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Just in time is also referred to as just in time production. It is a method in which projected mainly at reducing flow times within production system of an organization as well as response times from suppliers and to customers. The major advantage of utilizing this theory is that it moderates materials usage as well as raw material wastage. This approach aids in customizing the vehicle as per the demand of the client and expectation. The main disadvantage of applying just in time is that the clients may have certain expectations and they are unsure of how the appearance of the final product will look like. This theory makes the customer wait for the final product to be delivered hence cannot be certain if the final product will be liked by the client (Schmidt, & Simchi-Levi, 2013). The Toyota Production System (TPS) theory is defined as an original manufacturing philosophy whose main aim is to eliminate waste and achieve the best possible efficiency in an organization. Advantages of TPS is that this production system helps to improve the quality of the product at every stage of the assembly line. The disadvantage of using TPS is that this process can be time-consuming, and…show more content…
The primary objective of lean is to produce more value for customers with fewer resources. The advantage of lean production is it helps in reducing the cost of production by eliminating unnecessary materials used in production. Disadvantages of lean production are that it depends on the inventory the supplier keeps in his hand of which the suppliers often prefer in keeping a small amount of stock which is not acceptable in a lean production system. The material supply can delay being delivered to the production house due to unavoidable circumstances that may include transportation breakdown, suppliers strike or specific product not available (Theory of Constraints
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