Disadvantages Of Maritime English

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Maritime English (ME) should not be taught from the initial stage of the learners. After learners have achieved a minimum level of proficiency, ME should be taught. Native as well non-native learning approaches have to be adopted which means that the learners will learn the language not only at the institution but they have to develop it all throughout their life. Shen and Wang (2011) say that the traditional teaching methods are not suitable for modern maritime needs. So, the learners are to be taught shipping terminologies, safety communication, and technical marine English with new innovative teaching methods. Along with the terminologies, the teachers have to present new vocabulary with illustrative materials like drawing or labeling…show more content…
The maritime English teachers have to “teach locally but think globally” (Trenker, 2010). Therefore, a global teaching approach as well as globalization of maritime institutions is needed.
ME teachers should have abundant professional maritime knowledge, develop teaching skills and arrange training. They have to choose the textbooks which are related to the latest maritime technology and regulations. ME teachers have to meet the requirements as set by the STCW Convention (Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers) by developing good syllabi, classroom materials and adopting effective teaching approaches. Kourieos, Stella (2015) found that lectures were the least preffered means of instruction whereas classroom discussion is rated highest by the students. Therefore, more interactive pedagogical approach is needed to be adopted by the teachers. Speaking and writing skills should be incorporated into the curriculum. The teachers have to improve oral English teaching and bring authentic materials to the class. Certainly there are some challenges for the teachers. One challenge that teachers mostly encounter is to keep their teaching materials up-to-date. Finally, as learners use different strategies, the teachers have to focus on the learning strategies, modify their teaching method and classroom materials from time to time. Learners’ age, gender, personality, motivation, self-concept, life experience and other
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