Disadvantages Of Mcdonaldization

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McDonaldization has traveled over various types of demographics, it has developed from not only a restaurant based business but now you see McDonaldization in the workplace, dieting, education institutions, healthcare, politics; it is everywhere. The undeniable success of
McDonald’s world renowned business (rationalization) example has thus been embraced by countless businesses and lives all over the world.
Taking elements of Max Weber’s earlier works, George Ritzer takes it a bit further and coined the term McDonaldization, even though it goes back to Henry Ford’s era, and his use of an assembly line, it is still very useful in society today. McDonalds exudes the process of replacing logical formal rules with more traditional efficient ways
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All of his concepts are beneficial to society to some extent, but with the good always comes the bad. There are a few disadvantages of McDonaldization, such as the realization that you are doing all the work, not the “worker” but you. You will also spend more of your time doing for yourself versus having the worker to actually do it; you waste your time in the end. Then the sense of actual personal interaction you would normally experience with a worker is lost. Just because something comes fast and easy does not always mean it is good for you. For example, fast food, even though it is at your fingertips whenever you would like it, you Taylor Morrison
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Spring 2015
Dr. Jason Konefal actually may experience long lines in the drive-thru because it is such a hot commodity, plus fast food is generally very unhealthy for you.
Work being performed by the actual customer is rationalization. The demand for
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