Disadvantages Of Mental Health

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Although rates of trauma- and stress-related mental health problems are high among FDPs, only a small proportion receive mental health treatment, let alone interventions grounded in a strong evidence base (Collins et al., 2011). This global public mental health crisis stems not only from a lack of resources and the complexity of providing treatment to FDPs worldwide, but also from a lack of rigorous experimental clinical research essential to guide the development of effective and disseminable mental health interventions tailored to FDPs (Collins et al., 2011; Nickerson, Bryant, Silove, & Steel, 2011). Indeed, in a seminal article, Collins et al. (2011) highlighted the urgency and importance of advancing the science of FDP mental health. Accordingly, in the present study we focused on one promising bio-psycho-behavioral risk process and treatment target that we theorize may be relevant to FDP mental health attentional bias (AB; Van Bockstaele et al., 2014). We propose that AB may be an important target for study with respect to trauma-related psychopathology among FDPs for three reasons. First, AB (e. g., to threat, self-related information, negative emotional information) has been implicated in the etiology and maintenance of prevalent mental disorders. Specifically, AB to threat has been linked to stress- and trauma-related psychopathology (Van Bockstaele et al., 2014). Second, AB to threat is malleable and thus a candidate therapeutic target (MacLeod & Clarke, 2015; Van
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