Disadvantages Of Migrant Workers

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The impact of migrant worker Migrant worker becomes a concern issue. In my opinion, migrant worker brings more benefits than loss. However, countries like America, England try to restrict the number of the migrant workers now. But it is not quite successful. There is a different view of points about the impact of migrant worker, including the advantage and the disadvantage. In my opinion, migrant worker brings more benefits than loss. According to the definition of migrant from International Labor Organization, migrant describes as a person who migrates from one country to another with a view to being employed otherwise than in his own account and includes any person regularly admitted as a migrant for employment. Most of the migrant workers come from the poor family in the past. They went to other countries to capture the job opportunity to earn money and most of them we do some low pay job since most of them were unskilled. Under the globalization and the advancement of travel technology, many skilled labor aims to capture the commercial possibilities oversea and send money back to their countries to support their family even their country development. And not only money, but also the knowledge. The migrant will bring the knowledge they learn…show more content…
And they increase the labor supply in the host city and lower the price of many products which can benefit the general public. Overall, migrant can enhance the host economy growth and the public also can enjoy the benefit. I think migrant will be a good thing for a
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