Disadvantages Of Multiplication In Mathematics

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Based on the Council of Teacher of Mathematics,(1993) “Multiplication involves the counting of units of a size other than one.” The repeated addition definition while is a useful link between multiplication and addition is limiting if it is students’ only concept of multiplication. The meaning of the multiplication sign, “×”, depends on the language of the speaker. In Japanese it always means “multiplied by.” “3 × 4” and “3 times 4” mean, “Three multiplied by four,” or four groups of three items. In English, however, the sign means either “times” or “multiplied by,” where“3 times 4,” denotes three groups of four items, and “three multiplied by four” means four groups of three items. Therefore, in English the sign “×” has two interpretations…show more content…
Mathematical Readiness Mathematics is one of the most important subjects one can learn in life. Elements of Mathematics are visible in all subject areas, for example basic calculations and problem solving. Mathematics is also one of the four core subjects and in most cases is somehow integrated in the other subject areas. Mathematics because of it importance and sometime complexities involved is recommended to be taught every day in schools around the world. Robert B. Underhill, noted five competences teachers must consider as they plan and teach Mathematics in the classroom. He put forward the following: 1. Pupils must be aware of the ways Mathematics is used. Pupils must realize the importance of Mathematics and be aware of its many different real applications. 2. The attitude pupils have toward Mathematics. This is a large extent which governs the degree of success children have in learning and using…show more content…
Basic knowledge on numbers and Mathematical skills. 4. Pedagogical readiness is the “Students” understanding of the materials they use as they learn Mathematics. 5. Maturation readiness is the “Students” level of mental maturity (each person passes through four stages of mental maturity). The use of games and concrete materials can aid in pupils’ recognition of the importance of Mathematics and its many different real applications. Educators views on the use of concrete materials and Manipulatives in the classroom Manipulative materials are objects that pupils can feel, touch, handle and move. The National Council of Teacher of Mathematics( 1993), proposes that pupils and teachers often view the use of manipulatives“as play time”, but stress that using manipulatives is any excellent way to help learners make faster connection between mathematical ideas. It is also established that learning is enhanced when pupils are exposed to concepts in varying manipulative context. Learners who are at the concrete level deal with manipulative materials as they discover solution to problems. Many if not all games, involve object manipulation at some

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