Disadvantages Of Narcissism

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As they were in middle class, which was higher class than what my siblings and I were at, I wondered if this would apply to them. With my experience, I believe it would since they were of higher class than us and those narcissists would be boastful about accomplishments and possessions. Here, some readers may be saying that social class does not necessarily cause one to be narcissistic. I am not saying that not all those of higher class are narcissists, but rather that it can put them for a higher risk of becoming narcissistic. Other factors, such as social media and parenting, could also contribute to one becoming narcissistic. Going along with the factor of parenting, the question of how that family would behave with each other had come up. I have already seen how they could treat others outside of their family, whether it be to put on a different face before their true colors leek out after getting to know them. From what I have seen and heard, they tend to have a golden child and a sort of scapegoat. In the article, “The Strength of the Scapegoat in the Narcissist Family, Julie Hall, a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, describes a scapegoat as “…the narcissist’s go-to projection screen for his abusive behavior and his trash receptacle for blame and rage” (2017, para. 3). The context being this is Julie’s experience growing up with a narcissistic father and how she was able to prevail later on. In this case, the scapegoat of the family seemed to be one of the
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