Disadvantages Of Narrowcasting

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Narrowcasting, a method commonly used by many cable and radio news networks to target the interest of specific groups of people. The practice has largely increased as new providers compete to increase ratings and additional TV channels. For instance, MSNBC and Fox News are well known for implementing narrowcasting practices. Through narrowcasting, the two stations divide viewers by political ideology. Fox News is angled towards a conservative perspective whereas MSNBC has a more liberal stance. Newspapers are also included in narrowcasting as well. The Washington Times is more conservative based than the Washington Post. In addition to political ideology, audiences are also divided by party identification. For example, Republicans compared…show more content…
For minority groups, narrowcasting offers them an outlet to promote their interests and agenda that are typically overlooked by mainstream media. Additionally, by expressing the concerns of specific groups of people, narrowcasting has the potential to influence partisan’s itinerary. However, there also disadvantages. With the proliferation of narrowcasting, many people will be “set in their ways”. Therefore, they will limit the source of their information to news programs that align with their notations. Rather than examining certain issues from multiple perspectives, viewer tend to adopt one-sided perspectives. Consequently, narrowcasting has become a driving force behind the polarization of public opinion. Finally, politicians are able to avoid “tough” reporters. In particular, Republicans may choose to avoid liberal talk shows including Meet the Press and Face the Nation in order to avoid difficult and tough-provoking questions. Rather, the politician might appear on conservatively-based programs like Fox News. Such practices harm politicians as well because they are not reaching out to other voters to increase their support and popularity. Overall, narrowcasting has its ups and downs, but it all depends on how a person chooses to utilize this
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