Disadvantages Of Pharmaparticles As A Drug Delivery System

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INTRODUCTION Drug delivery Systems Drug delivery systems (DDS) have been developed in order to control pharmacological parameters such as bioavailability, biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of the administered substances. Bioavailability is defined as the percentage of an administered dose of therapeutic agent that becomes available in the systemic circulation in its active form. Drug delivery systems can enhance bioavailability by increasing in-vivohalf-lives of fragile pharmaceuticals e.g. protection of proteins from enzymatic degradation or by changing their chemical characteristics - e.g. improving solubility of hydrophobic moieties. Biodistribution is defined as the percentage of an administered drug that becomes deposited into specific organs throughout the body at specific time points. Drug delivery systems can alter the biodistribution of a drug by active targeting of specific cell types, passive targeting (accumulation in certain tissues), retention at the injection site or by helping to cross biological barriers.…show more content…
• They control and sustain release of the drug during the transportation and at the site of localization, altering organ distribution of the drug and subsequent clearance of the drug soas to achieve increase in drug therapeutic efficacy and reduction in side effects. • Controlled release and particle degradation characteristics can be readily modulated by the choice of matrix constituents.Drug loading is relatively high and drugs can be incorporated into the systems without any chemical reaction; this is an important factor forpreserving the drug activity. • Site-specific targeting can be achieved by attaching targeting ligands to surface of particlesor use of magnetic
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