Disadvantages Of Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy is the one of the most important thing a person may need when recovering from an injury or disease. P.T.’s are highly educated professionals that teach their applicants how to recover and build their strength up the right way such as exercise, manual therapy, hydrotherapy, electrical therapy and ultrasound therapy. Physical Therapy has been a top chosen profession since World War 1 when Physical therapists were originally called Reconstruction Aids. Physical Therapy first started off as a predominately female career, but as the years progressed more and more males started to enter this chosen profession. During WW1 there were many cases of musculoskeletal injuries that involved soldiers whom were treated by Physical…show more content…
On top of having much experience in the field before hand, applicants must have clinical hours that are preferred to be over 2,000 hours.
Student’s will have to go through seven years of schooling to achieve their goal of becoming a Physical Therapist. When applicants start their journey of becoming a Physical Therapist, applicants must go through a bachelor 's degree program of 4 years and major in a health related field such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. After completing 4 years of Bachelor 's program applicants should apply for a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. When applying for a D.P.T program competition can be very competitive because for certain D.P.T programs only 30 applicants out of 200 or more can get accepted. Stated from the website, “Learn How to Become”, “As of 2014, there were 228 physical therapy programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (C.A.P.T.E), most of which last 3 years”. When an applicant finally gets accepted into a D.P.T program students must complete a clinical internship in a certain area they wish to pursue with supervised experience. When applicants graduate from
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