Disadvantages Of Poverty

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Low income countries are those with a gross national income per capita of $1,025 or less in 2015, as defined by The World Bank. In these countries, mainly Haiti, Afghanistan, Nepal, North Korea, and countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, low income has a very severe negative impact on children and teenagers. Some of the struggles and affects from living in a low income country include poor healthcare, little or no education, and deadly diseases spreading like wildfire. These challenges are expensive to overcome especially in low income countries where money is scarce due to unstable governments, weak economies, wars, and geographical disadvantages. In low income countries, access to health care is a large issue affecting children and teens. Water scarcity is a large dilemma due to either economical or geographical reasons. In some areas such as the Saharan Desert located in Africa, it rains very rarely and the land becomes dehydrated so finding water is hard to come upon. Humans can last for no more than three days without water, so having enough water for humans to survive there has been a large challenge. In other countries, there may be plenty of rain but there are economical reasons causing water scarcity. Some of the economical issues causing water scarcity include lack of money to create drinkable water, and no way of transporting the water from different locations. In addition to the water scarcity issue, healthy food is expensive and takes time and effort to produce, so
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