Disadvantages Of Provisional Restoration

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Chapter 8: Provisional Restorations and Lab Procedures Q1. Elaborate the different kinds of provisional restorations. Ans. Provisional restoration, a temporary prosthesis is used after the tooth preparation as a protective or functional restoration until the fabrication of final prosthesis. These restorations are classified according to the following procedures: Technique used for fabrication Process of fabrication Type of material used in fabrication Duration of usage. Technique used for fabrication According to technique used for fabrication, provisional restorations can be categorised into three types: Direct technique-fabricated provisional restorations. Indirect technique-fabricated provisional restorations. Direct-indirect technique-fabricated provisional restorations.…show more content…
Table 8.1: Advantages and disadvantages of preformed provisional restorations The most frequently used materials for preformed provisional restorations are listed in Table 8.3. Table 8.3: Available preformed crowns Type of material used in fabrication Classification of provisional crowns on the basis of type of material used in fabrication are enumerated in Table 8.4 Table 8.4: Various types of provisional restorations according to the type of material used in fabrication Duration of usage The choice of provisional restorations is also dependent upon the duration for which the restoration has to be used. Thus, on the basis of time period, it can be categorised as: Long-term provisional restorations—Can be used from 2 weeks to a few months. Short-term provisional restorations—Can be used up to 2 weeks (Table 8.5). Table 8.5: Characteristic features of long-term and short-term provisional
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