Disadvantages Of Psychosovior Therapy

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By the help of the adults, children can develop their own personalities, find their own style of living and even have their own dreams. Under the influence of adults, whether the parents or the relatives or anyone in direct contact with a child, a child learns to be stressed or relaxed, violent or peaceful, quiet or noisy. A child can learn to be judgmental or accepting to other people differences. He/ she can learn certain behaviors, gain certain qualities that would be his/ her guide in life for a very long time before he/ she is able to change these behaviors and qualities later when an adult, if this child needed that. A little child's brain develops in response to the experiences with adults including parents, relatives and caregivers.…show more content…
One of the most commonly used psychological therapies is the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT, found by Kanfer and Saslow), that focuses on changing the behavioral problems by changing the abused child's way of thinking. It also helps in terms of managing the abused child's mental illness symptoms and emotions. Moreover, CBT can replace medications to treat the child's mental illness. Another advantage of the CBT is teaching the abused child how to cope with his/ her experience, and that is by applying specific steps which are: identifying the behavior, evaluating the severity of the child's case and defining the possible ways to change these behaviors…show more content…
And it's not easy to notice the signs of abuse on children especially if they don’t talk easily. Sometimes an abused child might not even know that he / she is being abused. They would not even understand what they are going through, so they won't ask for help. But if you notice or suspect child abuse, it is your responsibility to put an end for this child suffer and pain, to make a difference and prevent any more damage by reporting to whoever in

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